Lic. R.E. Salesperson

In the lightning fast New York real estate market and beyond, most agents like to brag that they “land on their feet” and “hit the ground running”. But can they truthfully prove it? Neslihan Ozdemir can. She fell from her aunt’s fourth floor balcony when she was three years old. Besides the scare it created, she was unharmed. With an appreciation for life that is exclusive to those who have come close to losing it, Neslihan takes no day, no client, and no property for granted.

An avid bicyclist, Neslihan melds her love of biking with her love of property. “I find the bicycle to be an invaluable tool in property and neighborhood research. I get to see the neighborhood, hear the neighborhood, and truly experience the neighborhood,” she said. That personal attachment gives her both the knowledge and confidence to guide clients to the right properties for their needs. Educated in Istanbul, Neslihan holds a degree and license in engineering. With a great job and a fantastic apartment, she thought she was set—and so she was until she awoke one morning and asked, “Is this all there is?” With the gift of appreciation for life, she decided to take a huge step out of her comfort zone, and she stepped right into the heart of New York. Instead of continuing her engineering practice, she branched out into marketing with a niche in strategies that incorporate social media and search engine optimization. That work acquainted her with real estate, and the multi-faceted challenges of a career in real estate called her. Neslihan continues to land on her feet and hit the ground running. She might not stand quite as close to the conference room window overlooking Fifth Avenue as she did the edge of her aunt’s balcony, though. Instead, she stands close to her clients.

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