Ok, if you’re looking for a rental in New York, you should know these.

1 – Market is hot in summer. Apartments stay in the market for 1-2 days, because of that high demand prices are also higher. That means if you can avoid renting in summer you’d save money but also lose the opportunity to see more inventories. Money or more option? Your call.

2- You can learn the market trends and analysis here at Citi Habitat’s website. Thanks to them for sharing it with us.

3 – You should spend at least 2 weeks to know about apartments, neighborhoods and market prices; so you can make an educated decision, it means you have to see at least 10 – 15 apartments.

4 – If you want to see the apartments you actually like in a short amount of time, then you should work with a broker. And yes, brokers charge for their service. That means, if you don’t have the time and energy to spend looking for apartments then we, real estate experts can help you. On the other hand, if you have time, thanks to internet, make a search and find your apartment yourself. (That used to be impossible before, and you had to work with a broker. Not anymore) So, although the technology changes real estate habits, there is this brokerage service industry of problem solving for renters, buyers and sellers and it will be here forever.

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